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Notice Of Commencement For Spring Festival

Dear new and old customers and friends:glass warehouse

Happy New Year! Our company has started work normally on February 18, 2024, and all the work starts as usual. On the occasion of the company’s departure from the old year and the New Year, I, on behalf of the leadership of the company, would like to address my colleagues and new and old customers who have worked hard and silently through thick and thin. I wish you all a happy New Year, all the best and a happy family!

In the past year, through the wind and rain to see the rainbow, through the passion to the other side, we have achieved again and again beyond, creating one miracle after another. My company here let me once again to all the new and old customers to extend the most sincere respect!

All rivers run into sea when one aims high. In the New Year, the way forward will be even greater. Challenges, we must keep a clear head, emancipate the mind, bold innovation, with a new attitude to meet greater challenges!

Long wind and waves will sometimes, straight sail the sea, looking forward to the New Year, we are full of confidence in the future. Let us use a hundred times of enthusiasm, a thousand times of calm, ten thousand times of wisdom, work together to witness Shahe Yaotai Trading Co., Ltd. once again take off a new peak of the major moment!

YAOTAI is a professional glass manufacturer and glass solution provider include range of Tempered glass,Laminated glass, Reflective glassHollow glass,Float glass,mirror,Door and window glass, Furniture glass, embossed glass, Coated glass,textured glass and etched glass. With more 20 years development,there are two produce lines of pattern glass,two lines of float glass and one line of restoration glass. our products 80% ship to overseas,All our glass products are strict quality control and carefully packed in strong wooden case,ensure you receive the finest quality glass safety in time.


Post time: Feb-19-2024