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How To Remove Scale From Shower Room Glass

 How to remove scale from shower room glass. Six ways to give you a clean bathroom.tempered glass

In order to distinguish the dryness and humidity of the shower room and the wash area, many families use glass partitions to separate the shower room. Compared with curtain partitions, this kind of glass partition will indeed separate the shower room more thoroughly, and the glass partition of the shower room is in use It is indeed more convenient when using it, but after using the glass partition for a long time, some minor cleaning problems will occur, such as scale on the glass. So today we will introduce to you six ways to remove scale on the glass of the shower room. Next Let’s start the introduction formally.

 method one:

 For the scale on the bathroom door that always troubles us, the simplest and most practical way is to mix vinegar and salt, and then scrub it directly with a brush, so that you can quickly see the bright life of the glass door. Or use toothpaste and lightly apply it on the glass door, then scrub it carefully and gently, and then rinse it with warm water.

 Method Two:

 For scale on the bathroom door, you can also choose glass cleaner, spray it directly on the door, and use a dry rag to restore your bright new life. You need to be careful not to use detergent on other small hardware parts. This liquid will directly corrode the surface of the hardware. Just wipe these hardware parts (hardware decoration renderings) directly with a dry rag as much as possible.

                                                                                           Method three:

 tempered glass78Use a wet rag to remove dust and wipe directly with newspaper, because the ink in the newspaper can better repair and clean the glass, so that the glass bathroom door will not leave traces of water.

 Method four:

 The mirror on the bathroom glass door will produce blurry watermarks due to long-term water vapor in the bathroom. We can spray a spray cleaner on it in an X shape, and then wipe it back and forth in one direction with a dry rag until the glass is eighty dry. When the time comes, just wipe it with a rag.

 Method five:

 The toilet cleaner in the toilet can also wipe the glass bathroom door, spray some on the glass, put on gloves and scrub slowly.

 Method six:

 Cut a large Coke bottle in half in the middle, leaving the bottom part. Buy a toilet brush, one with cotton bristles, which is soft and absorbent. After pouring water, toilet cleaning liquid, and dishwashing liquid into the Coke bottle, use a toilet brush to wipe the glass door of the shower room. The effect is absolutely great and the scale is easily solved. It is recommended to clean it once a week.

 In the above, we have introduced to you six methods to remove scale from shower room glass. Although some methods look more complicated, they are actually quite effective when implemented. We know that scale is caused by the water attached to the glass. During the evaporation process, the beads precipitate insoluble calcium sulfate, calcium bicarbonate and other minerals, which forms the scale on our glass. Although scale looks very annoying, as long as you find the right method, cleaning is easy. very simple.

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Post time: Mar-27-2024