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Is The Shower Room Glass Better To Be Transparent Or Frosted?

 Originally, the space in the bathroom is not very large, but in order to separate dry and wet areas, the shower room is usually partitioned by glass. But the choice of glass is also very complicated. Frosted glassshower room glass05 has strong privacy, and transparent glass is easy to clean. So is the shower room glass better to be transparent or frosted?

 The transparent shower design will make the entire bathroom look brighter and more spacious. Especially in small families, the bathroom space is limited. If you want to separate wet and dry areas, this transparent shower room is undoubtedly the best choice.

 In addition, the transparent glass shower cabin looks refreshing and stylish. Many designers now prefer to design this transparent shower room for owners because it can perfectly suit all decoration styles.

 Of course, transparent shower rooms also have disadvantages. The most intuitive disadvantage is privacy issues. Chinese people are traditionally shy, and this kind of transparent shower may make us feel unsafe. It would be awkward if family members wanted to wash their hands or use the toilet in the bathroom at the same time.

 shower room glass04Because it is transparent, you can clearly see the situation in the shower room. Therefore, the hardware and hygiene requirements of the shower room are relatively high, otherwise it will affect the appearance. The main reason why we choose a frosted shower room is that its frosted treatment can protect our privacy and give people a full sense of security.

 However, the frosted shower room looks a bit “rustic” and not as beautiful as the transparent shower room. Additionally, a frosted shower enclosure blocks the view, which will make the bathroom space look smaller and more crowded.

 At the same time, there is something worthy of praise. Because there will be a lot of water vapor in the shower room, and the frosted glass itself has a hazy feel, the fog on the glass will not be obvious, and the water stains left after the fog is eliminated will not be so clear. In a way, it’s easier to clean and looks cleaner.

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Post time: Feb-27-2024